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My Story

Hello and Thank you for taking the time to find out a little more about US!

It's so important that you find a sponsor who you can ''connect'' with! This doesn't need to be your best friend, you neighbour or someone local to you. It's someone you can relate too, someone who can inspire you!

A little about me - I am a mummy to 3 children, with the most wonderful hubby Victor, these 4 people are my world and the reason I strive to be better every single day. The day I signed up to Scentsy I had zero confidence, my anxiety was at an all time high and honestly, I hated myself. Fast forward 2.5 years - one step at a time, I am learning to love myself, I am building in confidence and what I love the most - I am helping other people to love themselves, build their confidence.

Scentsy IS NOT just wax and warmers, its a therapy and a focus that so many people do not realise is missing from their lives.

I love that Scentsy has enabled me to travel & meet people from all over. Our current team is made up of consultants from USA, UK & Australia and is growing every single day.

And OMGGGGG in March, you purchase your heavily discounted starter kit for $99USD / $150AUD / £85GBP, we help and support you to get that launch party booked - then once you have sold an amount of product in your first 15 days.... you get approx. $300USD / £300GBP / $500 in FREE products as a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS.

Joining Scentsy is a decision you will NEVER regret.

Still not sure - that's ok, join our FREE information group on facebook: