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My Story

Hello there....

If you are reading this you may be thinking about trying our products or starting your own Scentsy Business.

Let me tell you a little about us, the "Safely Scented Family"

We are a family of 5
Victor - My husband, the one who thinks he is the boss haha! Victor is the delivery man, the muscle at events, and the coach to our amazing top leaders.

Rhianna - Our daughter, she makes and sends out sample packs and is our Instagram Guru over at safelyscented_

Isabella - Our youngest daughter, the Buddy tester - of course she has to have everyone we do, just to make sure they are good to go! She loves getting involved in our LIVE videos on which has actually built her confidence so much.

Omari - Our youngest whirlwind, he is the one who nibbles my wax bars when I am not looking, messes up all my wax tester pots, and destroys my catalogues haha!!

And then there is me :) I help people to build confidence and reduce/manage anxiety by building a business to be proud of. I love our products and our people. Most of all I love sharing what I do with the world.

So who are you? Email us at to tell us a bit about yourself and we will send you a FREE sample box.

My Favourite Scents