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I have always suffered from social anxiety and so ensuring I have always had a job has been my way of ''managing'' my anxiety so that it didn't get out of control. Unfortunately, in 2013 I was diagnosed with a rare neurological condition called Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension. Although I tried so hard to remain at work, with the various medications, surgeries, and hospital visits it just wasn't possible. To add to this I had recently moved away from family so really was ''alone'' apart from my partner and children.

As you can imagine I slipped quite nicely into my ''bubble'' of safety, not going out, not seeing or speaking to anyone. I was maybe content but I wasn't happy. Then in July 2017, I saw ''SCENTSY'' everywhere on my Facebook. Now I am not one to ''dip my toe in'' it's all or nothing, so I went for the kit. I mean it was £85 for so many products so why would I have bought just a warmer and wax.

Well, I was hooked - even before my kit arrived! I did tell my sponsor, I won't sell a lot, just my family (and I have a very small family), and I will NEVER do LIVE videos or build a team. But there was something about this business, it gave me focus, drive, ambition - all of which I had been missing since being unable to work.

In 3 years I have built a global team, made myself an amazing income and so many friends. But mostly I use this business as my therapy to manage my anxiety and build my confidence. I swear Scentsy should be available on the NHS as a therapy for Mental Health - because it works better than any drug out there.

Scentsy in our future is providing our family with so much. My girls see how it's possible to work hard at what you love to get the things you want. They see how you CAN be a successful business person, even if you have things holding you back.

Our team support is amazing, our culture is to support, inspire, motivate, and lift each other up.

Whether you're looking for samples, to buy products, host a party or join our awesome global team, we would love to chat with you, so pop us an email to say hello at